COMPANY : development process

When developing your website we always maintain our focus on your goals. We strive for a customer centric design, while providing professional deployment. In order to accomplish this, we need to understand your objectives and communicate thoroughly thru the course of your websites development process. This maximizes efficiency which reduces costs and minimizes problems which enhances quality.

Step 1 - Analysis Research and Proposal

  Define requirements and objectives
  Review existing marketing strategies and materials
  Conduct research on industry and competition
  Determine appropriate technologies for website
  Determine web hosting and database infrastructure
  Outline website structure and functionality
  Define specifications and production schedule
  Present pricing and contract for client approval

Step 2 - Design and Setup

  Domain and web hosting related tasks completed
  Create and review design concepts with client
  Develop corporate identity graphics as required
  Create navigational graphic elements
  Layout site navigation and structure
  Obtain client approval

Step 3 - Production and Development

  Incorporate client supplied copy into website pages
  Generate original copy as specified
  Present comps for any stock photos to be used
  Design animation & all media files
  Develop/integrate database programming
  Setup and customize other programming
  Layout and construct web pages
  Perform revisions/changes from client feedback
  Obtain client approval

Step 4 - Testing and Quality Control

  Testing of all media
  Correction/adjustment of any recognized problems/issues
  Complete Quality Assurance Checklist
  Review site administration w/client as required

Step 5 - Delivery and Deployment

  Acceptance/approval for complete work obtained in writing from client
  Perform contracted marketing and promotional services
  Provide client a copy of all files related to the completed work
  Launch website on client-requested date

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